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Honest Question!

Seeing this list of unproduced screenplays genuinely depresses me. All of them WGA registered, no less...

Why are you persisting with this, despite not having made ANY progress in 15 plus years?

Where is your career at? Any representation? Biggest meeting? Money? Please, I'd love to be proven wrong.

Honest Question!

On second thought, I'm sorry for my previous comment.

I read some of your other posts, and your life is profoundly pathetic. Despite being in middle age, you still live with your parents (parent?), are seemingly unemployed, and have never had sex. For the love of God, correct anything in there that I've misunderstood.

If the fantasy worlds of your writing make living that much more bearable for you, then, by all means, continue. Who am I to judge?


You should pursue counseling. It might make you a happier person. Right now, it doesn't seem like your faith is enough.

E.C. Henry

Wow, sounds like you have a very low opinion of me, Honest Question. Sorry to read that. :( But thanks for visiting my blogsite anyway. Hopefully you'll keep coming back, and over time your opinion of me will change.

Currently working on my 26th spec. script. Hope to have it done in time to show people by the end of October because it's a horror-slasher.

Look forward to getting to know you better as time goes on.


E.C. Henry from Kingsport, TN

Honest Critique

There is no getting to know one another better.

That's another delusion you have.

For example...

Why would Taylor Swift care about your failure of a life? A woman that wealthy, famous, and connected wouldn't seek out your (or anybody else's) blog for her next Hollywood project. She's DELUGED with scripts from the most powerful and talented people in show business. A fiftysomething virgin stalker isn't going to deliver something better than, say, David O. Russell.

Why would you donate (read: burn) five figures to a firm to audit an election that wasn't remotely close? This isn't even a left/right thing. Wasn't part of the appeal of Donald Trump was that he self-financed his campaign? That he wasn't beholden to special interest groups? Trump is a billionaire who's had life long relationships with other billionaires. Why would people with so much capital need the money of the working class? Face it, you got gazumped.

A 26th feature screenplay isn't going to improve your life anymore than the 25th did, and a prospective 27th will have about the same impact. I discovered your site via Scriptshadow comments, wherein you were particularly obsequious to Carson Reeves. You don't have to stick up for him. He's just another con man preying on the naive.

And you, E.C., are very naive.

Please, be well, and stop being such a sucker.

E.C. Henry

Welcome back, Honest Critique!

Sorry to read that all the venom hasn't left your system yet. Life is hard. Things don't always go our way.

Still, God is on the throne, and He is good! So have a good day, and try to get in a better mood. Maybe spend some time in God's Word (the bible)

Anyway, love & light!

E.C. Henry from Kingsport, TN

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