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Ahhh... Allegra Cole visited me in my dreams last night.  And we swam together in a swimming pool, no less!

Okay, BEFORE we get into my dream, and how a "hottie" like her got in my dream I'll bring you up to speed as to who Allegra Cole is...

Allegra Cole was the love interest of Albert Brennaman (Kevin Jame's character) from the 2005 movie, HITCH; which stared Will Smith and had Eve Mendez as his journalist love interest, Sara.   I ranked HITCH, 24th in terms of my favorite rom-com movies of all-time.  From this post, here was my quick summary justifying my feelings about the Hitch (2005: written by Kevin Bisch, directed by Andy Tennant):

"I wasn't real sold on the main love storyline between Hitch and Sara (Will Smith/Eva Mendez) but the Albert and Allegra (Kevin Smith/Amber Valletta) B romantic storyline made me smile a lot." 

So in MY opinion HITCH had "something" with the Albert/Allegra romance, but was lacking something with its central romance between Hitch and Sara.  I'll go a little more into why Hitch (Will Smith)/Sara (Eva Mendes) didn't work.  You talk about contrived!  A romance fixer falls for a skeptical journalist feels unreal and totally contrived.  Now IF you have strong enough set pieces a romantic comedy CAN overcome that sand in your shorts, but alas; imo Will Smith and Eva Mendez DIDN'T pull that off.  I didn't like either of their characters and the scenes they were in weren't funny enough to overcome their character and they way they played them.  

Here's Hitch's logline (which I cut and pasted off IMBD):

A smooth-talking man falls for a hardened columnist while helping a shy accountant woo a beautiful heiress.

Here's a trailer put out to promote an audience going to see this romantic comedy:

I would classify HITCH as an Ego-com.  Remember that gem from August of 2011?  I thought not, hence the link reminder.  HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS (2003) being the gold standard as to how to overcome a two contrived leads through great set pieces.  Anywho, now that you're acclimated as to who Allegra Cole is let's delve into how she got be in one of E.C. Henry's dreams...

My dream last night was an unexpected delight.  I was in a swimming pool with Amber Valletta.  There was a Hollywood party going on around us, and Amber's boyfriend was watching us from his table.  As we treaded water together Amber said that she was a screenwriter too, we connected and talked about that.  She smiled at me, and then I kissed her...  She then looked at me funny, and did not reciprocate further lovey-dovie stuff.  Then the dream ended.

Hitch-23Will Albert and Allegra kiss or not?!  (Gotta rent the movie to find out)

Not much of a dream, but in all honesty I don't dream about romantic escapades with women very much.  Can't ever remember dreaming of Jennifer Love Hewitt (my first female "muse" as a writer 2001-2009), nor Taylor Swift (muse status 2014 - 20018), nor Kaya Jones (muse status 2020).  Just so you know I use my female "muse" as my inspiration, the ideal female for romantic exploits in rom-com applications.  Only girl I ever had "pinned up" on my wall was --

Paulina-porizkova-45638-fullsizePaulina Porizkova

I bring my "muses" up, because the "dream" of swimming with Allegra Cole really came out of the blue.  You'd think I'd be dreaming about some other girl from my past, but I didn't I dreamed of treading water, trying to connect with someone in the pool with me, then getting romantically rejected.  

But when I woke up, that's when it dawned on my the significance of "a woman's choice".  Ultimately it's the woman's choice who her "man" will be.  Paulina chose Ric Ocasek of the pop band the Cars fame, Jennifer Love Hewitt is married with a least one kid now, Taylor Swift's current beau is Joe Alwyn: an English actor who has yet to hit it big, and Kaya Jones has a love interest that she's committed to, I THINK the guy's name is Derek. 

So where does that leave ol' E.C.?  Well, for starters I'm not in the same league as Paulina, JLH, T.S., or Kaya.  These were all people who had a fan base and were popular public figures at one point.  Me, I'm just an undiscovered "little guy".  So, YES, I do know my place in the grand scheme of things...

But this dream got to to think about how cool it is when a woman does commit to a guy.  I wrote about this a LONG TIME ago in the script, "CUPID'S HELPERS", a rom-com from yours truly 2005/2006, my 6th spec. script written (as remember from a couple posts ago I said I also wrote a Planet of the Apes spec. script which I'm not allowed to share for copyright reasons).  Anyway the logine for CUPID'S HELPERS is this:

An award winning romantic comedy writer experiences romantic foibles of his own after a business associate, who has a secret crush on the writer, joins him on a trip back to his hometown for his high school reunion.  There, at the reunion, the writer reunites with his own secret crush, who was the inspiration for the writing that made him famous.

A while back, when I updated my rom-com sub-genre post to include the spec. scripts that I had written I classified CUPID'S HELPERS as a Destiny rom-com.  I slotted CUPID'S HELPERS this way because it's central question revolves around a writer coming to grips with a crush he had in his past and LETTING HER GO, and in fact in the story actually helping her save her marriage.  Destiny over ego in this one.  Yes, various aspects of working careers were played with in CUPID'S HELPERS but in the end its about people coming to peace with their own hearts and the romances that they're engaged with.  That's the fun thing about writing romantic comedies is that you can delve into issues like that.  

The older I get, I'm 51 now will be 52 on June 10th, the LESS I think about romance and stuff like that.  I think that's true of most other people too.  Gotta find your mate when you're young.  Get older and don't have that person and the pickings get fewer and your drive lessens.  Maybe that's why so many people divorce when they get older... Their sex drive lessens, and they evolve into something else that they weren't when they first get married.  BOOM!  Welcome this blog, remember it is called INSIDE THE BRAIN OF E.C. HENRY.  And here that's what you get my musing for better or worse.  

Amber-Valletta-Model-wiki-biography-age-height-affairs-weight-news-net-worth-facts-birth-dayWish I could have seen more of Amber Valletta -- acting & as a model when she was younger.  Wow, what a hottie!  But eventually Father Time catches up with us all. 

Still, the movies we see DO have an impact on our psyche and our lives.  My dream last night proves as much.  HITCH (2005) wasn't a great movie, YET one of its characters and storylines made it into my dreams!  How cool is that?!!  Amber, you're welcome come visit me in the pool anytime!  And if you want to reciprocate the kiss I gave you (in my dream) even better!!  Until, then I will, as I've always done, RESPECT a woman's choice.  Maybe someday somoene will choose me!  I think that's why cavemen had those clubs, too many of their romantic foibles need a more physical approach.  (Just kidding, that was a joke) 

Romantic Comedies are for people like me.  People in the pool who have yet to have their romantic overtures reciprocated, and so we tread on...  


P.S. I'm probably going to start work on SO GO BACK & GET HIM starting tomorrow.  It's my sequel to SO GO BACK & GET HER -- only with a different protagonist.  So be expecting a FRESH POST from yours truly in the next couple days on that...  I may be rejected by the world of women, but I haven't rejected them.

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