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Sunday, February 05, 2023


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E.C. Henry

Jen, I had to look up the acronym you wrote; "Nvm", which means never mind. Why didn't you write that in the first place.

If you think I'm weird, why are you even here? Find people that you resonate with and communicate with them.

You have free will to do and say whatever you want with whoever you want. If you don't like me, find someone you do like -- and you don't even have to tell me about it!


Nvm everything I said. You're weird.

E.C. Henry

Yeah, I know the comments are out there for all to see. But you use the word "us" your implying you're speaking on behalf of other people.

When I make comments to people and don't pretend to represent a group of unknown people.


By “us” I meant the readers of your blog. All of these comments are public, silly!

E.C. Henry

Not sure who the "us" is that you're referring to Jen. I'm talking to Jen not "us".

With that out of the way. The girl I'm interested in at AA is named "Tracy". She's got a high pitched, feminine voice, and really comes across as a genuine girl. I liked the way she meandered all over the place when she spoke up too.
Tracy looks to be in her 30s, and had a Jennifer Aniston hairstyle that looked borrowed from Friends.

I just saw real potential with her. And I don't see that in every girl.


Oh, I'm sorry :-(

Tell us more about the woman from AA. What do you two like about each other?

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Jen! Thanks for taking the time to read my latest rom-com series entry about iconic couples.

Wish I had a girlfriend to post a picture of. Maybe someday. There was the girl at AA that I thought showed promise a couple weeks ago, but who knows if I'll see her again. People who go to AA meetings come and go.

At age 53 and single my prospects don't look very good romantically, but that's why we look to the stars, right?


Ah, bummer! You post all these pics of famous couples, and you don’t even think to post a pic of you and your girl. Disappointing!

E.C. Henry

Thanks for the update, Jonah.

I was trying to stream Cate Blanchette's Tar last night for free, but couldn't find it. If I find At Midnight for a free stream, I'll watch it then. Won't be going through the hoops for Paramount + just for one movie. But at least now my antenna is up for it. :)


Oh, I should clarify: It'll be on the Paramount+ streaming platform. So you won't have to wait for it to come to your local movie theater. Just fire up the old computer and enjoy! You can even try it for free and cancel it at anytime: https://www.paramountplus.com/

I know you've written a lot about romcoms, so your thoughts on At Midnight would be very appreciated!

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Jonah; and thanks for the visit AND content.

No, I wasn't even aware of that the movie AT MIDNIGHT was coming out or had even been made until your comment.

I did look it's trailer up, and thought it looked so-so. Monica Barbaro looked RADIANT and worth of a romantic comedy, but the male half of the equation looked boring and cliche, IMO.

The trailer didn't give off the vibe that AT MIDNIGHT would be funny. Rather it only looked like a movie to showcase what Monica Barbaro could do, which isn't all bad. All in all, I'd go see it, but I wouldn't go into seeing it with great expectations.

Still, I hope AT MIDNIGHT is a hit. Gosh knows the rom-com genre could use a shot in the arm. Seems like FOREVER since there was even a romantic comedy at the movies to go out to see. So I'll be looking for AT MIDNIGHT to see where it's playing in the local Kingsport, TN area; and if it does have a showing I'll go see it and do a post on it. So thanks for the heads up.


Have you seen the trailer for the romantic comedy At Midnight? It comes out Friday, February 10th, and it looks pretty good. The couple onscreen is Diego Boneta (Rock of Ages) and Monica Barbaro (Top Gun: Maverick). Would love to know what you think!

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