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Do people actually ask you about that screenwriting resume shirt, or do they just assume that you're special needs and steer clear? My vote is for the latter, but I'd like to hear your take.

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Amanda. Thanks for visiting my site. I've got almost 500 posts so there's lots to see here. Hope you'll stick around.

Funny slight of me too. No, I'm not special needs...

I love my promo shirts and wear them all the time. Never know when they'll be an "in" with the right person. I'm a writer trying to connect with other people. I wear them to promote myself and attract like-minded people.


But has anyone ever actually asked you about your promo shirt?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for coming back, Amanda!

Happy 4th of July!


You didn’t answer my question: Has anyone ever actually asked you about your promo shirt?

E.C. Henry

Amanda, welcome back again.

Don't worry about my promo shirts. They're awesome and I love them.


Haha, so no? You look like an idiot for no reason then...

E.C. Henry

Hello again, Amanda. I don't look like an idiot in my promo shirts, I look great. They cost roughly $40 a shirt, btw.


I was being nice.

You always look like an idiot, regardless of your wardrobe. Unless someone is paying you $40 every time you wear that promo shirt, you’ve removed all doubt that you stand exactly as accused.

Here’s a tip: Contacts and a full beard.

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Amanda. Just did my 3-minute devotional to the Lord, and am now ready to start the new day.

You are being used by the devil, Amanda. Nobody talks the consistently negative way you do and is a servant of God. The devil is using you to try to trip me up. Don't be a willing participant of demonic things.

Reconsider your ways.

Who cares how I look? I am a writer, an entertainer. If you don't like me, why visit the site? What you say is really more of a reflection of who YOU are as opposed to the person or persons you're addressing.


It trips you up because, on some level, you know I’m right. People would take you so much more seriously if you took any pride in your appearance.

As far as visiting your blog, what can I say? The devil made me do it…

E.C. Henry

Just logged back on to check on castles and drawbridges layouts for my epic fantasy series, A Legend in Thars; and see you're back at it again, Amanda.

Stop letting the devil use you for his mischief. Be a better person. Find ways to use your talents to connect with people instead of insulting them.

Action item of the day for Amanda: show love towards another person.


Oh, I show love to people all the time. I just don't show love to you. I do not love you, I do not like you, I do not respect you.

Having read enough of your blog, I find you to be ignorant, hateful, and possibly mentally ill.

If this is what you believe to be Godly behavior, then I'd rather be one of Satan's sinners.

Now go back to advertising scripts that'll never get made. Spend another $40 for the "privilege," why don't you?

E.C. Henry


I don't have any "privilege". Being white doesn't make me inherently better than anyone, nor doe it give me any advantages in life. To believe or insinuate so is bullshit. They're are millions of black, Hispanic, Native American, Chinese, and African people who have it better off than I do. The ideology that you're following is garbage and needs to be replaced with a better one.

I love the Lord and do my best to serve Him. It is an honor to bear His name. If you don't think I'm doing a good job at that find people who are, follow them, and do great things to the honor and praise of Jesus. Jesus is what matters.


This is exactly what I’m talking about.

When I sarcastically used the word “privilege,” I didn’t mean “White privilege.” You’ve taken it there because you’re, as I’ve stated, an ignorant weirdo.

I meant that you’re a fool to consider these $40 shirts some kind of honor, instead of, ya’ know, a waste of money. You are just so not bright…

Me: “You’re getting ripped-off.”

You: “How DARE you call me a racist!”

What is with your warped reading comprehension?

E.C. Henry


Why do you keep visiting my blogsite?


Because you keep responding in bizarre ways. Like, you can't be for real. There's no way someone this thick exists, right?

E.C. Henry

Well-p at least your having fun with it.

I think ALL things "woke" are complete bullshit so in future correspondence -- if they're are any -- keep that in mind. I'm not interested in learning about it, debating it, talking about it, nothing. Woke ideology is crap, and not worth a moment of my time.


Again, you're proving my point. Who said anything about politics of any kind? You're making it a political conversation, not me. I'm not even really aware of how you vote.

I'm more referring to things like how you got yourself ousted from a writers' group in the Pacific Northwest by being aggressively unlikable, and insulting a fellow group member's wife.

Or how you got in an argument with a different commenter about the inspiration of the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell," with you thinking it was literally about Hell, and not, as the songwriters have said countless times, about the Canning Highway in Perth, which is notorious for its high accident rates.

Or, perhaps thickest of all, actually believing Hereditary director Ari Aster visited your blog, when it was clearly someone messing with you.

Do you remember these moments? Because the only reason I know them is because you voluntarily shared them. When are you going to learn? Why are you this way?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for visiting my blog and choosing to corresponding with me Amanda.

I do what I do because I'm me! I love the Lord. I love life. And I'm darn good at it!

As for who comes to this blog, who is sincere and who isn't. All I can do is put myself out there and see who responds. There are lots of people pretending to be other things -- and YOU'RE one of them!

I'll have a new post up sometime later today, it'll be a recent and on-going personal experience post so be looking for that.

As for politics, when you bring up terms like "privilege" you're either hint at or outright speak in woke ideology so bad on you for going there.


I already explained to you what I meant by "privilege." It's your stupid, broken brain that is choosing to interpret it the way you have.

This is just another example of many as to why you're alone. No friends, never had a girlfriend, completely despised by anyone who has spent more than a moment in your company. I bet you'll deny that last bit, but ask yourself this: When was the last time someone texted you to go hang out?

Even your brother managed to get married and start a family. You must be really steamed about that.

Anyway, have another beer, you semi-literate schelmiel.

E.C. Henry

Amanda, you are being used by the devil. So needlessly negative.

If you don't like me, why keep coming back?

No more beers for me. Had to give that up. Don't know if I'll ever go back to casual drinking, but definitely wont in the near future. Will miss my Budweisers, but it's for the best: self-improvement.

As for my brother being happily married, and me not having a love life, yeah, that's a great lament in my life. Writing rom-coms has helped, but it is no replacement for the real thing.


Why am I so needlessly negative? Probably for the same reason you’re so needlessly pathetic. It’s easier than making a change. Also, I already told why I keep coming back: You keep answering me.

E.C. Henry

I am making personal changes. Been meaning to post on that. Maybe later tonight...

Hopefully, you'll get better over time. If not, that's one of the crosses I bear as an entertainer; some people see what I do as fodder to ridicule.

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