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Monday, May 30, 2022


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E.C. Henry

Thanks for visiting the site and talking with me a bit, Ari Aster. You're welcome back on the site any time.

About a week before Halloween I hope to have my latest spec. script: Owen Decides; ready to show. So if you're in the mood for something new from the teen horror with supernatural accents arena of storytelling keep me in mind.

Wish you nothing but continued success with A24 and wherever the rest of your movie-making career takes you.


E.C. Henry from Kingsport, Tennessee


Hey EC,

Long time no talk!

Sorry to just be getting back to you now, but I finally had an opportunity to read Gravesite of Crows...

Unfortunately it's going to be a "PASS" from me, despite actually really liking your writing.

Nothing personal, A24 just wants me to be collaborating with "name screenwriters." You understand, right?

However, if you can get me a recommendation from a name, that might grease the wheels a bit. Certainly couldn't hurt!

Yours in Christ,
Ari Aster

E.C. Henry


I did watch The Strange Thing About the Jacksons as soon as I got home from work.

Subject wise, an incestuous relationship between a father and a son isn't my cup of tea; and a subject matter I'm not brave enough (or knowledgeable on) to write on. BUT I respect you as a writer and director for making that short.

I had a real good upbringing that had none of that, so subject matters and themes like you so unflinchingly depicted are THANKFULLY very foreign to me. This Friday I turn 53, and am still girl crazy; though at this point it looks like I'll be single for the rest of my life. :(

I don't know what to say beyond that.

Hopefully, you still want to connect with me and bring Gravesite Crows to life. I think you'll have a blast working with me -- if you take that plunge. But I get that you are an established pro; and have TONS of other options available to you.

Maybe sometime we can Skype or something like that. If not, and you're not into me; still, thanks for visiting my blog. I am a fan of yours and wish you nothing but God's best as you move forward with your promising career as a filmmaker.


E.C. Henry from Kingsport, Tennessee

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Ari. Glad to see I didn't scare you off with that last post. It was a little harsh.

One of my favorite movies off all-time was Pan's Labyrinth, which has a pagan centerpiece that a little girl gets pulled into. I loved that movie. Mandy, Nicholas Cage's bloody movie from a couple years ago had a cult's ringleader as the master villain too. And I liked that movie. So cults as villains can work. Congratulations on getting Midsommar made and all the past movies you've done.

You're building your career.

I'm an easy going guy. Maybe a little opinionated at times, but easy going.

As a creative you should feel free to explore ideas and make the best art you can.

I briefly glanced over The Strange Thing about the Johnson's off the link you provided. Wow, what a risk you took starting off with a dad catching his son chocking his chicken! Will try to watch your short in its entirety when I get home from work tonight. I'm totally on board with the central family being black. One of my favorite movies was Black Panther. Also loved Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon from a few years back. Love most Will Smith and Kevin Hart movies. I'm not a racial guy, and have never put many "messages" of that sort in my writing. In the end either you have a good story or you don't, though sometimes the ethnic angle does add some spice to the mix.

Anyway, look forward to talking to you more about where you are in your career and where you want to go moving forward. If you pull the trigger on Gravesite Crows, I'll do my best to set you up for success. And if you decide you don't like me, I'll bow out gracefully, and you can run with the baton as you see fit. You're the established pro. I'm just a guy who's been at this forever trying to get SOMETHING made before I kick the bucket.


Midsommar doesn't depict a real community in rural Scandinavia, it's total fiction. Even if it were real, that's not meant to be a national representation.It'd be like if I depicted you as an erudite, well-mannered Manhattanite just because you're an American.

But I understand. It was never meant to offend anyone. Also, it's not meant to be pro-pagan either. I think the cult depicted is evil.

Instead, here's a link to a short film I made about an African-American family that helped me break into Hollywood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQobOSv2kzM

If you like that, maybe we can connect. Let me know!

E.C. Henry

Ari Astor,

JUST read your Midsommar script. Though I would LOVE to connect with you, as you are an established pro; I gotta admit that script rallied emotions for me that I didn't even think I had.

My grandfather -- on my father's side -- was from Sweden and his heritage was big part of who he was and how he saw himself. After reading Midsommar I can confidently say that my grandfather would KICK YOU IN BALLS for how you depicted his home country.

My grandfather loved the Lord. We worked in construction and was BLIND IN ONE EYE. He had the toughest of lives. I only knew him when he was CRIPPLED from a life in the states providing for his family WORKING IN CONSTRUCTION.

Paul Henrikson was a simple, Godly man, who represents. NOTHING that you have in that pro-pagan script you wrote describes him or where he came from.

Yeah, I'm his grandson and not worthy to bear his name; but you picked the WORST subject matter in an attempt to connect with me. Not that I'm mad at you, I don't know you from the next guy down the street. But I loved my GODLY grandfather, and will never connect with the way you depicted his homeland in such a gawd-awful, NEGATIVE light.

Sweden is a good place. It gave birth to my grandfather and grandmother on my fathers side. As such their grandson remembers their example.

E.C. Henry

Ari Astor WRITER AND DIRECTOR of Midsommar it is an HONOR to have you visit my blog.

I'm guessing you're FUCKING WITH ME posting the link to a script that's already been made into a film. And Disappointment Blvd., your latest movie sounds a lot like your comment. Off IMBD:

"A decades-spanning portrait of a director not knowing how to finalize editing about one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time."

That said, I'm game to read Midsommar. I didn't see Midsommar when it came out to the theaters, BUT I did see Hereditary.

Don't know if you know this but I JUST sent a query letter to Ti West's rep trying to get him to read Gravesite Crows with an eye he might be interested in it. If you ever wanna read Gravesite Crows, possibly connect and reshape the horror/slasher genre -- I'm game!

That said the context of this conversation has changed. Just so you know I'm a working class Joe. Currently I'm testing heaters for TPI in Johnson City, Tennessee. They day job calls and I've gotta go to it. 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST.

Irregardless, when I get home I'll read your script -- which got produced! Yay! And tell you what I thought of it. Just so you know horror isn't all I write. If you want a good laugh request my latest, So Go Back & Get Him. It's a raunchy romantic comedy in the vein of How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days meets The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

My e-mail is: [email protected], my phone number is 423-707-8925 which has texting.

Talk to ya soon! Thanks for starting my morning off on the right foot! Off to testing with the Dr. Frankenstine tests I go! Think big block testers like the ones used in Frankenstine movies of the 1930s. No shit, that's what I'm testing with. I'll try to get a photo to show you.


Could you please give me your thoughts on a script of mine from a few years ago?

It's a horror film like Gravesite of Crows, but I feel like I wrote it long like you.

Here's a pdf link: https://script-pdf.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/midsommar-script-pdf.pdf

Let me know what you think!

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