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Another Easter gone and Christ has yet to return. I'm beginning to worry that Judgement Day will never arrive and save our souls from the ongoing environmental crisis. Do you think God will forgive us for destroying His creation?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog post, Jerry!

Yeah, me and my mom were hoping the rapture would happen on Easter -- but it didn't! Christians having been waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ since after Jesus rose from the dead -- and started showing up again! Guess we have to wait a little longer.

Still, be ready for the rapture and the 2nd coming of Jesus. Things are getting awfully dark in our world these days with threats from Russia, and how bad things are getting in the United States thanks to the Demorats, and the woke left.

Know what you believe and why you believe it. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul. Jesus is coming back again. Make sure you're one of His sheep and that YOUR NAME is written in the Lamb's Book of Life.


We are all readymade in Heaven: http://www.jeffkoons.com/artwork/made-in-heaven/made-in-heaven

Do you know what a readymade is, E.C.?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for visiting the site, Koons.

No, I'm don't know what your'e referring to using the term, "readymade". When I think of readymade I think of poorly made dinners prepared by companies trying to solicit business from lazy people who don't want to do the proper prep work to make a decent dinner.

Hopefully your use to the term is tastier one. ;)

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