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Ryan Adams did better versions of all of Taylor Swift's songs on 1989 and you know it. Why would anyone listen to Taylor when they could listen to Ryan?

E.C. Henry

Hey thanks for visiting my blog, David! What a pleasant surprise to start my Sunday. :)

Taylor Swift is a PHENOMINAL talent. If you ever get the chance to see her strut her stuff in concert -- GO. I saw her a few years ago and was blown away. She is gorgeous. She is fun. She is classy. And her singing is getting better with time. Have you listened to her Fearless (Taylor's Version) record. It is phenomenal. The Other Side of the Door, Jump then Fall, aren't talked about half as much as they deserve.

As for the impostor you mentioned, that impostor should make their own music if they have any talent at all and leave the queen of pop alone!


Taylor Swift on Ryan Adams:

"Ryan Adams is one of the artists who shaped my songwriting. My favorite part of his style of creating music is his ability to bleed aching vulnerability into it, and that’s what he’s done with his cover project of my album 1989. When I first heard that Ryan was going to be covering my entire album, I couldn’t believe it. It’s such an honor that he would want to take my stories and lyrics and give them a new life."

Furthermore, Adams has released, as of this comment, 17 albums of original music. Swift has released half as many. I'll post three great Adams's songs, you post three great Swifts's.

"Come Pick Me Up": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmM2C6RHPwk

"New York, New York": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmHgY_J63Ik

"Gimme Something Good": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=802vbfZe9io

E.C. Henry


Please DON'T send me ANYTHING more about that Taylor Swift imposter. I'm not interested in them at all.

This is me being nice. E.C. Henry from Kingsport, TN.


Sure, but may I ask why you keeping referring to Adams as an imposter? Then I'll drop it.

E.C. Henry

David, you're the one who introduced a musical act to upstage Taylor Swift. I'm not interested in learning about that person. If you wanna advance that line of think do so off my blog.


Sorry, I thought I was introducing you to a treasure trove of great future soundtrack choices. I didn't know that you are afraid of hearing new music.

E.C. Henry

Identifying good music is not in your wheelhouse, David. To have the audacity to say that Ryan Adams performs Taylor Swift's songs ever better that she does proves that you have NO TASTE when in comes to identifying quality music.

My suggestion is that you try to find something you are good at. Maybe you're a good: rock, paper, scissors; guy. Try your hand at that. Just don't impose your CRAP musical preferences here on my blogsite.


Yeah, but you didn’t even listen to the links of original music I provided. So you’re forming an opinion based in partial, if not total, ignorance.


This is possibly the greatest song of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuTMWgOduFM

This is not up for debate.

E.C. Henry

The song "Common People" by Pulp was fun. Sounds like a song I could have used in "Puppies. Puppies? Puppies!!!" a few years ago.

Shared that song over on Scriptshadow...



Two more scenes to write then the 1st draft of "So Go Back & Get Him" will be in the books. :)

Nifty Swifty

Is this you? https://medium.com/@greerrussell/smeared-in-defense-of-my-actions-my-name-and-my-reputation-735778dd2ff9

Good luck!

E.C. Henry

No, Nifty Swifty, that's not me; though I too am a Taylor Swift fan that had ambitions to connect with her once.

But alas the princess of pop wants nothing to do with me. What's a boy to do...

... Keeps writing spec. script that's what the boy does! Right now I'm working on Owen Decides. It will be my 29th spec. script. It's a slasher horror. Hoping to have Owen Decides ready to show a week before Halloween.

Stars want to be among their own, few are willing to work with people that aren't already in the industry. It's a harsh reality.

Still, I am aware of T.S. past problems with fans that took it too far. Like a couple guys who actually broke into her apartment and were waiting for her. Now THAT is taking it WAYYYY to far. We all like the stars. Just gotta remember there are bounds to what you can and should never do.

Wish Taylor Swift THE BEST. If you like her she has a supporting role in David O. Russell's Amsterdam which is coming out next week, I believe. Margot Robbie and Christian Bale headline that period piece movie. I've seen the trailor for it, and it looks STUPID, but maybe Taylor Swift can rescue it -- at least in the scenes she's in.

Taylor Swift fan for life! Long live the princess of pop!

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