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"I'm not the same guy I was when I started this blog. YES, I'm still undiscovered and largely unfulfilled, but there is no denying the passing of time. And I think many of my posts are worth celebrating, even if the movie-making industry ignores and rejects me."

This is an incredible understatement. The industry ignores and rejects you? You might be the least proactive screenwriter I've ever come across. You don't query, you don't enter contests, you don't network. How are you supposed to work in Hollywood, if do you do nothing to get their attention?

Just quit, it's not for you.

E.C. Henry

Good morning again, Name!,

I see this the 2nd post of mine you took time to comment on my blogsite using a false name.

You do know that everything you say gets tossed and not taken seriously when you logon to Typepad under the false handle of "Name!", right?

Still, hopefully someday you'll grow a backbone and choose to be known, instead of being an anonymous sniper who lies in wait in the bushes.

Me, I'm a pretty happy and positive guy. Woke up this morning to get some more work done on my 27 spec. script a fantasy adventure story titled THE BEAUTIFUL KINGDOM. It's an E.C. Henry version of CLASH OF THE TITANS that came out in 1981. So far so good on the 2nd draft. :)


Good job answering any of my questions. Hope your 27th spec is as successful as the previous 26.

E.C. Henry

I understand your snarky pessimism, (no) Name!

I'll NEVER join you there. Always on the lookout for a RECOMMENDATION to get an "in" to send my scripts to movie studios, production companies, and actors. So if you or any of your friends have those connections and are willing to help me out that would be great.

E.C. Henry is OPEN for business. :)

Colin Smethhurst

An agent or manager could recommend your scripts to those parties. Too bad you're too chicken to query them...

E.C. Henry

Oh hi, Colin Smethhurst. You couldn't be further from the truth in your quip; I'm not afraid to query anybody.

When I find an interested party, AND I if I think they might actually be able to do something for me, I'd LOVE to do business with them.

If you find any leads that looks promising AND are willing to put a name behind that recommendation I'd be much obliged. ;)

My guess is, however, that you don't have that card to play. :(

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