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It’s really hard to read. Can you re-post it with a normal font?

E.C. Henry

Hi, Alison! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

HUGE fan of the name of Alison. Did you know Alison is the middle name of pop music SUPERSTAR Taylor Swift?!!

Ba-zowwa, how cool is that?!!

Anywho, I'm in process of editing up this script RIGHT NOW. It's probably two weeks away from being ready to show. I did notice that two different areas of fonts I used aren't as clear as black and white text. I'll look into fixing that later. In the meantime you can always click into that JPG image and zoom in on any area you're having trouble with.

How cool was the baby blue color accent of lit expression? I was trying to express the feeling of being cold. I also liked the orange/green color combo used to depict the French hamlet.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you come back for more. I've got over 450 posts. So if you get bored let ol' E.C. Henry entertain you. ;) P.S. If you go back a few months in my archives I've got another feature 1st page written in lit expression. It's the first page of Gravesite Crows, which is horror-slasher akin to Halloween (1978). Do you like scary movies, Alison?


I LOVE scary movies. Went back to your lit expression post with the first page of Gravesite of Crows (which was also hard to read), and, more so than the essay itself, I was really surprised by the comment section there. What exactly happened?

Also, I was named for the Elvis Costello song "Alison" Are you familiar with it?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for reading more. Glad to hear you like scary movies. I worked real hard perfecting that script, Gravesite Crows.

I explained the lit expression style best I could.

As for the comment section, it's to be expected. A lot of people roll in here take a fake name and say all manner of nonsense. I don't let it get to me, nor do I take what they say very seriously. I just try to minster to them where they're at.

Not familiar with Elvis Costello music at all, had to look up the song you referenced. I think when I was growing up in the 1980s there were a few of his songs floating, but I don't remember any of them registering with me or anyone else I was around. Found a couple videos for it on u-tube. You deserve a better song than that as your tribute. So let me fire THIS --
your way. :)


“Alison” was voted one of the top 500 songs of all time by Rolling Stone. It is a vision of loveliness, and I don’t appreciate your dismissal of something that’s that integral to my identity.

The people on your lit expression comments seemed like they were trying to help you. Couldn’t help but notice that you deleted some of the blog posts the linked to as criticism. That’s some growth after a fashion, as it implies you’ve changed your mind since whatever those essays said.

My advice: Create a separate version of your scripts w/o lit expression, and send people both. Whatever gets the better response is the one to go with.

E.C. Henry

Anyone who voted "Alison" by Elvis Costello best of anything should have their head checked. That song sounds like SHIT!
Alison you have a beautiful name, if I were you I'd try to be more Taylor Swift. She is SUPER COOL. This is my favorite song, I even have it as my ring tone:

I don't need ANYONE'S advice, what I need is an "in", all else is bullshit. Have you ever been bullshitted before, Alison?
I have.
I've learned to identify it. Know what is valuable and useful, and what amounts to nothing.


OK, good luck with that. I didn't get the vibe they were trying to bs you. It seemed like they were directing you towards an "in." It's fine, though, you do you.

This is a different song you might like written by Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJvKN7MS_9w

It's beautiful.

E.C. Henry

Thanks for the correspondence, Alison. I have a TOTALLY different opinion of the fakes who came to me under false names, and treated me rudely on my own blogsite.

The link you gave me was sung by someone named Kristen Vingard, "God Give Me Strength" and not a song sung by Elvis Costello. I'll stick with "State of Grace" by Taylor Swift, thank you very much.


Elvis Costello co-wrote the song, I never claimed he sang it. Based on today, your blog/attitude might not be for me.

Continued luck with The Beautiful Kingdom, and good luck finding your “in.”

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Alison. Hopefully not goodbye, but if you must...

I could care less about ANYTHING related to Elvis Costello. He never left an impression on me. Sorry if his music means something to you, that doesn't translate over to me. I never thought Elvis Costello was a gifted musician.

As for my "attitude"? I am who I am, you can take it or leave it. This is MY blogsite where I get to say my peace without a muzzle. I didn't go out my way to offend you, but in the same breath, I'm not going to kiss your ass and beg you to stay either.

To stay or leave that's up to you, but in no way am I asking you to leave.

As for the latest script, I'm going to honor the Lord in this one. That puts a smile on His face. Haven't made that a point of emphasis for some time, but I am now with my latest, THE BEAUTIFUL KINGDOM, I am!

Never been a better time to honor the Lord in the arts!


If you're ever curious as to why you're single, re-reading this comment section would be an excellent start, EC.

E.C. Henry

Jaco? Jaco from Scriptshadow?

Well, if that's the case, welcome aboard, sailor!

** Now for an E.C. GET BACK the girl interlude **

"Alison, come back! I love you! Don't let Elvis Costello stand between us and true love. You're the only one for me, even though I'm not even one hundred percent sure you're a girl. Come back."


I write rom-coms, broh. Just need to meet the right girl...


In my defense I don't have a lot of experience romancing Alisons -- but I'm always willing to try ;)

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