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Tuesday, December 21, 2021


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Another bit of free advice: Don’t write adaptations without being paid, and don’t write sequels to films that haven’t been made. It’s a waste of time. You would be better off writing an original small canvas story and producing it yourself on a shoestring budget. Stop donating money to Antonio Sabato Jr.’s project and just make your own.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with not only romance, but friendships, too. Maybe shave your mustache, or grow it into a full beard. Improving your look might improve your social life, too.

E.C. Henry

Yeah, I liked Boogie Nights--but it's not a movie that I've watched a whole bunch of times. MP YP: My problem, your problem. Funny one, Dirk. You got me. Score one for yourself. Totally fits too: as I'm an undiscovered who's trying to break-in, and I'm certainly THE VICTIM the "catch-22" that keeps people like me on the outside.

I am better writer than William Goldman the vast scope of what I've written proves that. And as for adaptations I've already done three: The Chosen Redeemer of Thars, A Kings for God's People, and the Rival Kings of Israel. William Goldman wasn't a bad writer, he was the beneficiary of living in a time when it was easier to get some traction. The Princess Bride is a good movie, the thing is if my scripts got made they would be better than his.

Laura Dennison rejects the faith at the beginning of the story, then the rest of the script deals with the outcome of that rejection. It's based on a person's response to what the Son of God said in the parable of the two foundations which can be found in Matthew 7:24-27. Pretty deep stuff, eh? Bet you didn't expect that from a guy with a monkey on his shoulder!

As for dating and lifestyle advice, I think it's cool that you've taken an interest in me. I need access to planet hottie, Dirk. That and maybe a couple friends to help ease chicks fears. Girls are more readily apt to accept someone who is part of group as opposed to a lone wolf. Had I had an adequate wing-man I wouldn't be in the romantic straights I'm in now. I had lousy friends growing up. Part of the reason I am who I am now is a product of that. My experiences with them did, however, help me write When the Motorcycle Calls.

Well-p, time to go. Going to try to put in couple hours writing The Beautiful Kingdom. Big canvas stuff. Deals with two guys from WWI trenches going back to antediluvian times to interface with the "gods" of ancient Greece. Think William Goldman could write something like that? Nope! But E.C. Henry can.


You don’t understand “MP YP?” Thought you were a Boogie Nights fan…: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9oziRZ0K1yQ

Also, you’re not a better writer than William Goldman. He was 38 when he sold Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the modern equivalent of $3M, eventually winning an Academy Award for his work. That’s only one film. We won’t even get into his second Oscar for adapting All the President’s Men, or translating his best-selling novel The Princess Bride to the big screen. By any reasonable metric, your career, such as it is, cannot compare. You’ve never had a produced film, nor a published novel. You’re not even a better writer than yours truly, and I clearly suck at writing.

Circling back to your question about where I got the idea that A Heart Built on the Sand is about slut-shaming, I got it from you. Your logline says, “…the dissent of a sexually charged woman after she rejects the Lord.” Here’s one way to improve that: You mean “descent,” not “dissent.” The former means “to fall,” the latter means “to hold a minority opinion.” So, that’s one way to improve that logline. Use the correct word. Calling a “sexually charged” woman “fallen” for rejecting a Judeo-Christian God is a moralizing stance that rubs me the wrong way. Zero issue with religious people, but negatively judging the lifestyle choices of others is a “no” for me. It’s interesting to know you’re willing to defend that position, but I’m within my rights to highlight it as off.

Last bit of advice for now: If you’re really serious about entering the dating world, there are a couple of things you can do that might help. Firstly, just say you’re 52 when asked your age. Only children under the age of 13 use “1/2” designations. Secondly, join a volunteer group at your church. It’s a non-threatening, low-stakes social setting to meet people whom you have at least your faith in common. And, finally, move out of your parents’ house. If you’re taking care of your mom, look into assisted living or a live-in nurse for her. Having your own apartment could do your social life wonders.

I’m pulling for you, dude. You’re not a bad guy… Just an unaccomplished one. :^)

E.C. Henry

Thanks for coming back, Dirk Diggler (I like that better than MP YP, why chose a handle like that?)

Sorry you don't like my loglines. If you have better wording by all means share. I'm trying to write SELLING loglines, because I'm an unknown. Don't know where you came up with "slut-shaming" for the main protagonist in A Heart Built on the Sand; nothing could be further from the truth. Laura Dennison was challenging character to write. You should read the script, I might surprise you.

I am a better writer than William Goldman. I wrote The Commune franchise, Indians of the Ancient Plains, and a whole slew of comedies. I am ready for the big time!

As for me being single, I like blondes, brunettes and redheads. At 52 1/2 and single I'm on the prowl... 100 % heterosexual too. :)

Merry Christmas!


Dude, having Dirk Diggler as a handle is a crazy common thing on message boards and has been for over 20 years. I’m not that guy you’re referring to from back then, but I appreciate the welcome wagon anyway.

You know how I know your scripts are probably bad? Your loglines are describing movies that are alternately generic and suspect sounding. A Heart Built on Sand, according to you, is about, “…the dissent of a sexually charged woman after she rejects the Lord.” Why would a feature about slut-shaming written by someone who has never had a girlfriend/wife/romantic encounter ever be made, let alone win its lead an Oscar?

You think you write better movies than what gets made today? At least they get made. Oh, and also, no you don’t. You can barely write, at all. Both your blog post and your response prove that you can manipulate a keyboard. But write? William Goldman is spinning in his grave…

Anyway, Happy Christmas, you spectacularly delusional man!

E.C. Henry

Thanks for visiting my blogsite, MY YP. You are welcome here anytime. I saw the e-mail attached to your profile was Dirkdiggler of Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" (1997), AND I remember YEARS ago a guy of Scriptshadow had a similar handle, then stopped posting comments for reasons unknown. So after a long time away let me be the first to say, "WELCOME BACK TO THE INTERNET"!

My grouping were not arbitrary but there to drive home the greater points that I successfully made.

I think it's cool that I can write smaller dramas and big, epic productions. Furthermore MY STORIES are infinitely BETTER than most movies being made today. Did you know I wrote a slasher that's better than Halloween (1978)? Believe it. I did it. And not only that by Preytoruim is better than ANY Godzilla movie ever made. A Heart Built on the Sand WOULD WIN Charlize Theron another Oscar. Not sure if that movie would end up being better than Black Swan (2011: Natalie Portman), but it would favorably compare to it.

Thanks for taking an interest in my sexually. I'm flattered. I could use a Dirk Diggler in my life to help me with the ladies. 52 and 1/2 and still single sucks! But I know my prospects would improve if I had a good wingman. Never had one though, sigh. Still, life goes on. Gotta play the cards you're dealt.


Comparing your unproduced, likely terrible scripts to an arbitrary and poorly organized group of established titles is confusing to say the least. If we haven’t read/seen your work, then how is mentioning it at length useful? This whole post is better-suited to a journal entry than an article for public consumption.

No idea if you’re actually oscillating between “big canvas” and “small canvas,” but I’m positive you’re oscillating between a virgin and a nerd… who is also a virgin.

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