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Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

E.C. Henry

No, Sharman, you may NOT copy this post, "Gateways to the Demonic: A Look at Heavy Metal Music and Its Infuence" onto your own blog. BUT you CAN do your own post, and PROVIDE A LINK BACK TO THIS POST. You can also DO YOUR OWN POST SIMILAR TO THIS ONE, and reference this post a lot if you like. BUT you can't just copy this entire post and put it on your own blog.

Jon Pierce

The lyrics of "Highway to Hell" are metaphorical descriptions of the touring life of rock stars.Thus, most people think of it as being on the way to the land of promise again and again. Whereas, in reality, it's a grueling way to live.

The horns on Malcom's head is a play on the school kid uniform he wears. I other words, he was always a "naughty" boy, far more concerned with being a rocker than a good student and example in that regard.

Such is the way artistic types employ metaphor and symbol.

Still, there is no question that the music and lyrics of rock and metal are mostly poisonous to the soul. But, we need not demonize those caught up in the lifestyle, and especially when it is largely out of ignorance.

E.C. Henry

Thanks for taking the time to comment, John Pierce.

I don't buy ANY of your explanations for AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" song. It is an utterly reprehensible song, unworthy to be listened to and discussed. It mocks the bible and is an overt call to blindly follow others who mock God and are headed to hell. If you like this song I will think less of you. "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC is a corrosive song enjoyed by the IGNORANT, the ignorant and dead to God.


Metal has subgenres 1 of them is heavy metal (AC/DC is hardrock, not metal at all).
But you also have White metal (Christian metal) and Black metal, which is the only SATANIC genre.

Thrash and Death metal has some satanic lyrics but the band isn't satanic at all. Look at Slayer, their frontman is a proud Christian.

Mainstream music has a lot of lyrics that doesn't make sense and is easy to make, so that's very disrespectful to bands and overall good musicians.

The rest are not Satanic whatsoever, but it's mostly about war, society and politics. Metal is influenced by classic music, when you listen to those fast solo's it has techniques like scales and appregio's.

Overall, everybody has music tastes, you should respect that. Not everybody is Christian metalhead, so for them it's not important to (dis)respect Jesus/God. I'm a Catholic too by the way and I respect Atheïst and Satanic people, because they're still nice and helpful and that's what is important in life.


So, if you're being loyal to God and you automatically have the "privilage" to judge people who're going to heaven and hell?
But still are you a good person? How many did you help and how many did you curse that he's going to hell because he didn't obey the Bible? Are you going to heaven when you do all this? No, that's not enough.

You forgot the main principle of our Religion, be nice to eachother, help eachother and be for eachother no matter which race.
I'm not a good person either, because I don't have the courage to help other people.

But you sir, I totally lost respect for you...

Pierced John

Here's a proper Christian song, "Closer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7gRpIKfSCM

Wouldn't you agree that it's a Godly tribute, E.C.?

E.C. Henry

Closer by Nine Inch Nails is a totally perverse song. I turn it off when it come comes on. Are you a mocker of the holy, Pierced John.

Pierced John

What a prudish thing on your part to say, EC. You're not ready to be a creative in the performing arts.

E.C. Henry

ANY defense of Closer by Nice Inch Nails is GROSS! The song is gross so are YOU, Pierced John, for advocating such GARBAGE!

Josh T

I have a real Christian pop artist. Do you know Father John Misty? This songs even namechecks "Taylor Swift," and the video stars Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone.


E.C. Henry

The song you referenced, Josh T; was HORRIBLE. If that's your taste in music, please, keep it to yourself.

That said, welcome to my blog. I hope you have fun here!

Josh T.

I was having fun until you insulted my taste in music. What’s wrong with that song I shared?

E.C. Henry

I'm not interested in your taste in music, Josh T. The fact you even bothered to listen to the end of the song you posted makes me think less of you as a person.

Josh T.

Oh, so you didn't even listen to the full song? Then your opinion is the one that's meaningless, not mine.

And, by the way, the music press loves FJM, too: https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/23013-pure-comedy/

How does it feel to be so out of touch?

Josh T.

Also, here's the lyrics to that song I posted: https://genius.com/Father-john-misty-total-entertainment-forever-lyrics

Read them, expand your horizons, squeegee that third-eye open.


The above video stars a very hot Aubrey Plaza. Let me know what you think!

E.C. Henry

Good morning, Josh T! Thanks for visiting. Please stop sending me links to music you like, I'm not going to click on them ever again. Any points you feel you need to make do via text.

I'm really not interested in your musical tastes. You lost me when you lobbied your support for a real shit band. If you feel the need to advocate for them or other such crap bands, you're best off doing that somewhere else. I'm just not interested.

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