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Was born in June, 1969, in the suburbs of Chicago, Ill. Moved to Alaska in 1980, then on to the state of Washington in 1981, both times because of my dad's job. I lived in Boise, ID from 1993-1997 working in the semi-conductor industry. Moved back to Washington, got a variety of warehouse jobs, and now work in aerospace.

Got into writing in the mid-90's while in Boise, Idaho. Had an idea for an epic fantasy novel. Worked on that for several years. Got a draft of that epic written, then pursued something new -- an idea for a feature film screenplay! That screenplay turned out to be "Give It Up for Chimpy" a screwball comedy with a romantic comedy central storyline.

To date I've completed 18 feature length spec. scripts, each of which I'm currently trying to sell. In August of 2016 I finished the my first novel in a series of books to be penned in "The Legend in Thars" series.


Screenwriting, novel writing, the bible, growing spiritually and honoring Jesus Christ, Budweiser USED to be my favorite drink but these days I'm working on sobriety.