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E.C. Henry: the Writer

E.C. Henry's Surf City

  • Script Shaddow
    Carson Reeve's site. Reviews scripts and TV pilots. Usually has a new post every day of the work weeks, of which Monday and Thursdays are normally the best. Lots of lively disucssion in forums.
  • Living the Romantic Comedy
    Billy Mernit's blogsite. Very professional. Billy is a working story analyst, and a teacher at UCLA. Very witty fellow, and very knowledgable about all things as pertains to romantic comedy movies.
  • 710 A.M. Seattle
    Great Seattle area sports talk. An ESPN affliliate. Great place to go to get the latest information on the Seattle Seahawks. The afternoon show of Danny, Dave and Moore: 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. on the radio side is usually very good.
  • Bonney Lake Mulitplex
    Fandango link. This is where E.C. sees most of his movies (it's about 7 miles from his house)
  • Go Into the Story
    Scott Myer's website. Geared towards inspiring screenwriters. Multiple daily entries. Early morning writing quotes are at the highlight of this website.
  • Alligators in a Helicopter
    Scott the reader's blogspot. I've know Scott for years. He recently got one of his scripts made into a cable movie. He now has his own IMBD page. Has a script reading service which I've used before. Doesn't post much anymore, used to post all the time.
  • Inside Amy Schumer
    Official website of Amy's 1/2 comedy variety show on Comedy Central, which has become one of my favorite new shots to watch. Excellent skits. Excellent format. Airs at 10 p.m. PST on Tuesday nights.
  • The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon
    Offical website of NBC's "The Tonight Show". I like to go here to see who the guests are for a given week to see if I want to watch them or not. But most of Jimmy's skits are pretty good no matter who the guest is.